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  • Your Lighting-Setup for MINDS unveiled

    09 August 2013 By michael lighting, contribute Comments
    Do you like to contribute your own photos to the MINDS unveiled project? Or simply like to recreate the look of the project? It’s easy. Just setup light according to the lighting setup diagram in this article and you are on a good way.
    What you need is a model, a veil (for example a big white translucent curtain, a black backdrop and two or three speedlights. These are the basic tools for the two exposures of your Role Model, which we need for the project. Here are the details:
    1. Model – must stand absolutely still between the two exposures
    2. Speedlights GN58, 24mm, ¼ power, Group B, Soft light modifier like a shoot-through umbrella or softbox. You can use one light source or two light sources (one on each side)
    3. Speedlights GN58, 24mm, ¼ power, Group A
    4. Black background, for example black curtains
    5. Camera, 1/200s, f/11, ISO320, on a tripod
    What you now do is 
    • Pose your model, get her in focus, and switch to manual focus
    • Cover the model under the veil. It’s OK if an arm or leg or so is not covered
    • Set your flash trigger to Group A, or Channel 1 or whatever you use to trigger the speedlight that is hidden behind the model
    • Shoot the first exposure
    • Switch to Group B or Channel 2 or whatever you need to trigger the Speedlight(s) left and/or right
    • Unveil your role model
    • Get the 2nd exposure

    Does the pose on both exposures match near perfect? If so, congratulate your role model and yourself and if you like, then please send the images to me for the project